Decon '17 - Request for Partners

  • November 15, 2016 6:08 PM
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    Anne Nicklin (Administrator)

    Is there a way to get the internship description from Yale? 

    We've put in a request, but it was more than 5 years ago, so the paperwork may not be accessible.

    Also, can we get the attendance numbers for the past three Decon conferences? Any projections if we have it in our city?

    We've uploaded a bunch of analytics on the last five Decon Expo conferences, including Income / Expense, attendance numbers, attendee satisfaction, etc.  They're available at the link below.

    In terms of attendance, we've found that there are roughly 75-100 attendees who will come to any location.  They're not the same people every time, though many attendees are repeat visitors.  The conferences with the highest attendance numbers have drawn an equal number of individuals from their local region.  We expect the Decon '17 conference to attract 150-200 people.  Other factors that influence attendance are ease of travel to the destination (Decon '11 was within easy train and car travel of the eastern seaboard), cost of lodging (Decon '07 had $20 rooms which boosted the affordability and thus the attendance) and the economy in general (Decon '13 was held during a tight year for many folks)

    What is the budget? Is there a planning document, and is the BMRA Decon Committee already in place?

    The Decon Events Committee is in place, and more specific Decon supportive roles will be filled in early 2017 to coincide with the selection of a host partner and immediate promotion of the conference date/location.  The RFP has a good outline of the major conference planning milestones, and we will schedule a webinar to go over the past conference budgets with an eye towards what the Decon '17 budget will look like. Details to follow..

  • November 15, 2016 9:03 AM
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    Anne Nicklin (Administrator)

    Why is it Decon ’17 and not ’18?  Thought it was every other year.  The one this year was in Feb.  

    The recent history of Decon scheduling was '09, '11, '13 and then '16.  So the 2017 Decon is our opportunity to get back on the every other year schedule.  The fall scheduling as opposed to spring is in recognition that many of our attendees make the majority of their income in the summer months and are better able to attend in the fall.

    How can a conference for '17 be planned in this time frame?

    The full text of the Request for Proposals outlines a schedule for organizing the conference that we feel is quite feasible.  The BMRA has put this conference on regularly, and has the basic outline down.  We organized the Detroit Market Meeting with about 3-4 months lead time, so we feel confident that the 6-8 months available after signing the MOU on 2/1/17 will allow for great conference prep.

    Does anyone on the board have university/sponsor contacts in my area?

    I'll pass these requests on to the board city by city.

    Is there a stipend for an organizer/event planner?

    There is not a standing BMRA budget allowance for a planner, but the most successful past conferences have included a local planner / coordinator as part of their hosting package.  Typically this has been a staff member of one of the local partner organizations, or temp worker funded through local sponsorship commitments.

    Have you done internships for students who help plan the conference?  Are there any written descriptions?

    The BMRA has not directly hosted interns for conference organization, but Decon '11's success was dependent on a graduate student internship from Yale University.  That internship was hosted locally, so we don't have the written description of it in our files.

    Is there a document that outline what a host city needs to organize to prep for the conference?

    Yes! The complete text of the call for partners outlines all of the steps to host the conference.

  • November 10, 2016 12:03 PM
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    Anne Nicklin (Administrator)

    This thread will be used to post updates on the Decon '17 call for partners, answer any questions that you post, and share additional information as its available.  

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